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New Balls

Posted by Jonathan Ede at Oct 11, 2019 5:34PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

I purchased four new leather wilson volleyballs for the league from VSP. They will be in the bags by Wed. Oct 16.

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Royal Oak Team loyalty Cards

Posted by Jonathan Ede at Oct 11, 2019 5:32PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Check the ball bags for Royal Oak Team Loyalty cards -
free nachos for min. 3 persons spending min. $10 each.
- good at any Royal oak, anytime

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Posted by Sheldon Cuff at Aug 22, 2016 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The Ottawa Hospital Civic Volleyball League [OHCVL] is a recreational league originating from the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus; established over 24 years ago. For anyone wishing to join our league please contact the convener. All teams from the previous season are given priority to return, however a waiting list exists for entire teams and singles who would like to join. It is not a requirement to be employed by the hospital to enter a team or join as an individual player.

 The OHCVL is organized into two tiers:  A (Teams 1-13), which play Wednesday evenings and  B (Teams 14-22) which play Tuesday evenings. 
 We have extended the volleyball playing season to allow for a full
 26 weeks of regular play, plus 4 weeks for make-up and play-offs. 
Each tier will playoff amongst their own tier. There will be no crossovers. The top eight teams in each tier will make the palyoffs. Our league requires further referreeing duties from the teams that have been excused and from teams that will advance in some instances. The playoff schedule is submitted with these requests. In many instances it requires only one further night of reffing duties and this keeps the cost of league to one of the most inexpensive in the city. If you have never reffed in the playoffs before despite being excused, the reason was because we did not require your assistance.

The OHCVL follows the International Volleyball Canada National League rules which are are available at: Please feel free to review or find another internet site.
1.We will not play with a libero (defensive specialist)
2.Maximum of 5 consecutive serves by a server during the regular
season. This rule will be eliminated in the playoffs.
3.The server may take one step into the court on the bleacher side of the gym
4.We require a minimum of 2 women on the court at all times.
5.Each match will consist of 3 games.  OHCVL uses a point system, therefore,  teams must play the third game.  If the third game cannot be completed within the timeframe, the team with the highest score on the hour is the winner of that game.

Referreeing your fellow OHCVL tiered teams is an important team responsibility. On your designated week, it is your responsibility to supply refs for both courts; on both nights; for all time slots. During the playoffs your team may be required to referee, this will be communicated to you during the season.
Ensure that your refs are familiar with the international volleyball rules and regulations. You must be confident calling discrepant calls and when in doubt re-serve! You can also support your players by having a linesperson(s) present.

The team that is reffing is responsible for ensuring that the two gym bags are complete each with: one net, 2 antennae and pouches, one game ball, and any practice balls. These bags are to be brought to the office and locked up.


As in previous years any verbal abuse toward the volunteer referrees will not be tolerated. Should this complaint occur, the captain of the team will be notified and defaults may be issued.

Defaults due to injuries incurred during the game will not be penalized monetarily. Remember after 3 defaults your team is out of the playoffs and after 5, your team can finish the season but goes on a waiting list for the following season. This applies to referee duty also. The first game is defaulted 10 min. after the hour and the entire match is defaulted 20 min after the hour. If you know your team will have to default ahead of time, please call and let the refereeing team know. The only games rescheduled will be due to bad weather. REMEMBER if you do not provide refs on your designated week your team will be issued a default!

A spare must play a mimium 3 times in order to play during the playoffs. If a woman player is injured during a match, it is the team's responsibility to have a spare. The game will count but subsequent games will be defaulted if the team is unable to play two women for the duration of the match.


Games are 55 minutes long; The game points are to 25, with a cap at 27.

Using the clock on gym wall for time:


no access to gym untill 7:00 pm

7:05 - 8:00 first Match

8:00 - 8:55 2nd match

8:55 - 9:50 3rd match

Out of school  by 10:00pm 


no access to gym untill 7:55 pm

8:00 - 8:55 pm -first match

8:55-9:50 pm  - 2nd match

Out of school by 10:00 pm 

Please bring your own volleyballs for warm up as we will not be supplying practice balls as in the past. It is everyone's responsiblity to ensure that the game balls, nets and antennae/pouches do not get lost.

Score sheets will be provided in the equipment bags.  Please remember to email the scores by the following morning to   

The Royal Oak on Wellington street offers free nachos and/or wings for teams of OHCVL.  Bring your loyalty card when you go for a beverage to receive your complimentary food.  For further details, 


For roster changes, problems with the gym, equipment, general complaints,
Convener: Jonathan Ede (10)
 Treasurer/scheduler : Mike Seeley Sport Knights (13)

Tues night Results : Bradley Evans:

Wed Results : Tom Miller ,Mike Seeley  -

 Thanks and see you on the court!

OHCVL Committee

The OHCVL currently has openings on Wed night.

 League runs form Sept 14, 2016 to the end of April.

Cost $500. ($450 + $50 bond) 

contact : 

Convener OHCVL